Kristen Persson points at a electrolyte genome 3D visualization

In Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division, we advance the fundamental understanding and accelerate the discovery and design of materials to address outstanding future challenges in energy and information science and technology. We develop experimental and theoretical techniques to unravel properties and behavior of new materials and phenomena across multiple time, length, and energy scales. Through our core programs and research centers, we cultivate a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach to materials research and help train the next generation of materials scientists.

Spheres and tubes. Nanotube and C-60 colored gel background.

MSD scientists focus on the discovery and control of quantum materials and systems, novel materials platforms for future energy needs, and the accelerated design and synthesis of materials and assemblies.

Scientist preparing a sample with a pipette and film

A diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team approach is the key to success in the work we do. MSD scientists collaborate closely with partners from academia and industry, and train junior researchers through internship programs and other opportunities.