Scientific Achievement

Researchers in the Electronic Materials program developed a growth technique of large-scale black phosphorus (BP) using high-pressure process and demonstrated cm-scale BP thin films, which revealed photoluminescence emission at mid-infrared wavelengths.

Significance and Impact

This work has overcome a technical challenge in growing high-quality and optically active BP thin films and presents a promising route to obtain high optical-quality BP films, enabling the exploration of integrated optoelectronic device applications such as LEDs and infrared imagers.

Research Details

  • Utilize the pulsed laser deposition of amorphous red phosphorus (red-P)
  • High-pressure treatment at ~8 GPa to induce a phase conversion from red-P into BP crystals
  • The crystalline quality was improved through in-situ annealing during high-pressure process

Publication Details

N. Higashitarumizu, T. Kawashima, T. Smart, R. Yalisove, C. Y. Ho, M. Madsen, D. C. Chrzan, M. C. Scott, R. Jeanloz, H. Yusa, A. Javey, Nano Letters (2024).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.3c04894