Scientific Achievement

Developed room-temperature (20C) and low-temperature (80C) solution synthesis procedures for a new class of metal-halide perovskite high entropy semiconductor (HES) single crystals.

Significance and Impact

The achievement of any high entropy material, especially in a single crystal form, at room-temperature or at low-temperature (80C) is unprecedented and enables the rational design of other novel high entropy systems with low cohesive energies.

Research Details

  • Synthesis of two families of single crystalline 5- and 6-element high entropy perovskite semiconductors
  • Confirmation of near-equimolar ratios of 5 and 6 different octahedra disordered within a single crystal 
  • Energy transfer between the octahedra within a single crystal, allowing for golden emission

Publication Details

C. Folgueras, Y. Jiang, J. Jin, P. Yang, Nature (2023).

DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-06396-8