Scientific Achievement

Developed a new method consisting of a pulsed-driven metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor with only a single charge injection contact to inject electrons and holes for light emission into a variety of nanomaterials, spanning a broad spectral range.

Significance and Impact

Demonstrated the first monolithic array of 49 different color light-emitting devices on a single chip, which can be independently controlled to generate any user-defined spectrum, thus enabling previously inaccessible forms of multispectral imaging and sensing.

Research Details

  • Electroluminescence generation from molecular and colloidal quantum dot materials
  • Spectral imaging using a tunable light-emitting array and optimization algorithms

Publication Details

Wang, S. Z. Uddin, J. Park, A. Javey, Scientific Advances 9, eadg1607 (2023).

DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adg1607